Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's been a very busy couple of weeks in land of The Paper Garden. I've been selling quite a lot on Etsy and I'm currently busy making things for the Drawn In Bristol Pop Up Shop which is going to be in Quakers Friar near Cabot Circus in November and early December! I'm going to be doing quite a few markets so there's lots to make and design. I'm really excited about having my books on sale in a shop organised by such a great group of people and in such a fantastic location! Now it's just the case of deciding what is best to have for sale in there... Have a look at the Facebook event and Blog! There's loads of stuff going on :)

On the book front! ...

Here's the latest book I've made. It's made from a gorgeous red book cloth and coptic bound but with a Japanese Stab Bound design on the front and back covers! I'm waiting to list it in my shop as I want to keep it... downfall of being a stationery obsessed book binder!

I've got some new things listed in my Etsy - mini notebooks made from comics and a couple of the different blank canvas sketchbooks I've been making! Have a looksy :)


Sunday, 9 October 2011

I have been so busy lately, I've not had time to make much at all but alas! I had the whole weekend off this week and I did nothing but sit at my desk brainstorming, making and drinking vast amounts of coffee. Bliss.

Here's some things I have been working on :)


I was getting restless with the same binding on every book  -  I started doing a bit more Japanese stab binding to get a bit more variation and then I decided to experiment with my coptic binding. These little books are small - 4" square and the covers are made from canvas, part of my 'design and paint your own sketchbook' range. I'm blogging quite late so they aren't in my shop yet but they will be soon!
I'll be back tomorrow to talk about The Paper Garden's Christmas gift ideas! (Christmas already... eeek!)



Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just thought I'd share my latest listings :)

Set of 4 pocket notebooks made from bright coloured thick cardstock & quality drawing paper.

 Mini envelopes and notecards set - set of 10. Made from vintage beano comics :)

Both now available in my Etsy shop!


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Okay so I have been very busy in my day job recently and going up to Manchester and things to I haven't had time to blog or time to make much! BOO! A couple of weeks ago, I had a stall at The Harbourside Market in Bristol. I didn't sell an awful lot but I had a nice day and met lots of lovely people! I met a lady who makes amazing gluten free pies and cakes, you should check her out, it's yummy stuff : Lady Jane.

My lovely girlfriend made me some bunting for my stall too!

I also have a new type of sketchbook I've been working on! Made from blank canvas, a paint your own sketchbook! Design and paint your own completely one-of-kind book! More to come, bound with different coloured threads!

This book is now available in my Etsy shop!

I am currently having a SALE! in my Etsy shop! 15% off 'back to school' offer! Get all the books you need for your new term. Need a new sketchbook for your art class? How inspirational would a BINGO book be to draw in!? Just enter the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL on checkout to receive the discount. Click thepapergarden for my shop!

I'm off to have a crafty day, hope you are too :)


Friday, 5 August 2011

Sunny Bristol bookbinding! :)

It's been such a lovely day today, I've been very productive! I've been busy cutting lots of paper and punching holes so I've got lots of books to sew! :)

I think the orange bingo card is my favourite so far - I'll have to keep my eye out for them. I know it's summer, but what a good Autumn themed sketchbook! :)
Can't wait to finish is and list it in my Etsy shop!


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Recycling :)

So I have I've had a huge stack of paper cut offs from sketchbooks I've made and bits of comics and maps cluttering up my desk so I though I'd make some use out of them and I made these cute little accordion books! 

Theres vintage beano comics and maps from a vintage world atlas. Each book measures approx 4cm x 10.5cm and the inner paper is quality drawing paper. There are 14 pages to use and each measures 3.7cm x 10.5cm They are tiny books, perfect to carry around with you, draw in, write in or stick photographs/pictures in!

They will be listed in my Etsy shop very soon! :)

I also received these amazing ORANGE vintage bingo cards in the post the other day. They are bigger than the other cards so will make a really great hefty sketchbook or guest book or even a photo album!

I've been toying with the idea for a while now about making some packs for people to make their own notebooks. Accordion/concertina books or soft small Japanese stab bound books would be good as they can made quite easily with written instructions. What do you think? I'll probably make a pack and give it to someone I know and see how they get on first before I sell them...

Have a crafty Thursday :) 


Thursday, 7 July 2011


On another note : a non crafty one! : Miranda July's new film 'The Future' is out in a few months. She's such an inspiration to me, you should watch the trailer for it! Watch it here..... : The Future

New things!

Well lots and lots of things have been happening lately - not had much time for blogging! I've been moving house and starting a new job so it's all been quite hectic. I love my new studio space in the new place - such a bright room to work in - I just need to make it my own now. (I'll send pics when it's all up and running!)

I've been having a little bit of success with my Etsy and Folksy shops waheyyy! Since I started selling properly I've had so much more inspiration for new things - I can't wait to try all my ideas out!
I've been contacting stores in Bristol and the surrounding areas about selling my books in their shops. One in particular caught my eye MONTHS ago but I was too nervous to contact them. But finally I did and I'm off next week with a sample range of my books and stationery. It's all very exciting. :)
Will update on how it goes...

I've managed to collect some new (vintage) BINGO cards! These are my favourite so far. The colour is fantastic and they seem to be quite popular :

 You can buy this bingo book here :

Anywho - it's a rainy rainy day in Bristol so me and the cat are busy making books. Ahhh! Have a lovely Thursday! 


Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hello :)

So i spent the whole day yesterday sifting through a vintage world atlas that my mum found for me. There are some amazing things in it and I couldn't help but recycle the pages into something new and use-able!

The first two pictures feature the recycled map 'star book' - perfect to use as a travel journal/notebook/sketchbook. The inside paper has been folded using traditional origami methods :) Two online at the moment - Switzerland & South East Asia. The bottom picture shows small pocket notebooks with maps as the covers - bound with hemp string. Available in sets of 4! You can find them in my Etsy shop :)

My mind is going mental with new things to make so I'm off to go and craft it up!
What is everyone crafting today?


Monday, 23 May 2011


So i came across some pictures from a project I did at University. The project involved myself, a crochet hook, a LOAD of wool. i transformed a part of my town at the time (Totnes) that was usually rather bleak and sad into a space full of colour and happiness!

Take a look...

Finding these pictures has given me so much inspiration and new ideas for my work. It's strange what can set you imagination going...
I've just started reading The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and what an amazing book! Just holding it feels inspirational. It really has got the creativity in me flowing. I'm moving forwards but looking back at what things I have done or have forgotten about...

Anyways. I hope you're all having a lovely crafty Monday :)


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Markets & Making!

Hey hello!

Well I've had a busy few weeks. Quit one job and then got another within the company I work for! I'm very excited to start! The new role means that I no longer will have to work weekends which means more markets for me!

I did my first market stall a couple of weeks ago. It went ok, I made my money back and a bit more. But the market was really quiet and it was charged on the door which I think put people off buying much - a few other stall holders felt the same. Buttt! An experience all the same. I am not disheartened - I am eager to try some different markets out!


Vintage BEANO comic book - large sketchbook!

Off to have a crafty afternoon! :)


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bookbinding and sunshine !!


I've said it before, i'll say it again... I'll try and blog more. I've actually got some exciting news... I'm currently working my notice at one of the jobs I have.. Although I'll still be working two days a week as a receptionist - i'll have 5 whole days to make and think and plan! A small step in the direction of becoming a freelance artist! 

I've been busy busy making things for a market I've got a stall at on the 7th May. It's at The Southbank Centre in Bristol and is being hosted by Bristol's Magpie Markets. View the facebook event page here.

 These are just some of the things I've been working on - stationery set. Includes 1 coptic bound journal/sketchbook, 1 soft pocket notebook, 2 mini handmade envelopes and 1 Japanese star book!

I also have been building up my collection of vintage game pieces - the sketchbooks below are made from vintage  PO-KENO cards and vintage flash cards.

 I've mainly been making things for the market on Saturday so I haven't done much of designing anything new - just making and making using materials I've got. Before I got quite busy with the market I made a couple of dvd/cd folios. The style I've done them in and the materials I've used make them very much for a wedding or ceremony of some sort. I'm thinking that the whole wedding scene will be quite a good thing to get into. It would also mean a lot of custom making which I love. 

I'll post some pictures of the wedding line i'm creating soon... :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Friday, 25 March 2011


I feel like I have been a bad bad blogger! I've been doing extra shifts at work recently so haven't had the time. I have a bit more free time in the next few weeks so hopefully I'll be on here a bit more...

I've set myself a task. One book a day. At least. I know i could do a lot more, even in the small amount of time I have when I'm not working. The actual sewing doesn't take a particularly long amount of time. It's just the case of folding, cutting, punching holes. I think I have more than enough different books and stationary to do a market stall. Now its just preparing price tags, table cloths and working out what I am going to use to display it all! I think a gander around some markets and small shops will help me decide what the best way to display everything is.

I've been experimenting with different materials recently, working out what I can recycle and use for my books and I am currently designing a range of wedding stationary. Guest books, cd/dvd folios etc...

I have the entire weekend off and the weather in Bristol has been amazing the past week so hopefully me and my cat can sit in the garden in the sun and I can make books all day! Ahhhhh. Wouldn't that be just peachy?

I haven't had the time to take pictures of some of the new stuff I've been making. As soon as I get the chance I'll post them on here :)

Have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Wellllll! I've spent most of today applying to be a trader at some of the summer festivals. Sidmouth Folk Week & Secret Garden Party. I have a feeling I left it a little late to be doing it this year as the deadlines are very close but oh well, it gives me good practice for next year when I'll applying to sell all over the place! It's all very exciting. And my business cards have arrived (i'll post some pictures of them when I get the chance as they are dead good!) and I have near enough everything I need to send stuff out in the post. It's just a case now of making making making before my first market stall. Eeeeek.

I am planning a trip away somewhere - anywhere - so that I can finally have an excuse to get my holga out. I'm interested in making prints from my pictures and using them to create a new line of books. I'm not sure how well it will work out but I'll give it a go! I work best when I have a theme to work from so I need to go somewhere, where my theme will fit in. I'm thinking something around - signage/old/left behind/decaying. I'll have a think about it...

I'm really up for collaborating with different artists and using prints (or originals) of their paintings/drawings/sketches. So if there's anyone out there who is up for it please do get in touch. 

Bit of a rant, apologies.

Taaa xo

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Brighton! Ahh, a vintage mecca! So many amazing vintage shops, thrift shops & flea markets I was spoilt for choice. There was so much that I wanted that I ended up picking up only one thing. - A collection of vintage BEANO comics. They are in amazing vintage condition & they have really inspired me.

They are small books, measuring 4" square! But with 60 pages of thick artist drawing paper they feel and look quite chunky. Hopefully be in my Etsy shop soon! :)

I've also managed to find the time to take loads of pictures of some of the things I have been making. Now that I've got that out the way I can finally start listing my stuff. I've got business cards (mini cards off that should arrive in the next day or so, so now I need to fill my market application form out and send it off. I've been looking into different craft markets/fairs around the South West and there are a lot coming up. My aim is to have much more free time (....!!!) by the summer and do as many craft markets as possible...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I know its little late, but still, a happy new year :)

It's BINGO books galore! I've been busy busy busy making as many as I can for the new year. Hopefully I will have a larger collection of books & stationary to sell in the next 4-6 weeks. I was planning to have a market stall at the end of February but due to the craziness of Christmas and having to go to work during the week I haven't managed to make as many things as I had planned. A Pre-Easter and an Easter market stall is on the cards! And it's very very likely that I will have more things available in my Etsy shop very soon! 
The plan is to have a stall, my online shop & website all up and running by Easter.  It's better to be prepared isn't it! I'm designing a series of business cards on '' & I'm brainstorming designs to make The Paper Garden website look amazing! :) 

I have recently purchased some amazing vintage POKENO cards from Etsy, which I cannot wait to arrive! They are fantastic! They are made from thick cardstock & measure 7-1/4" wide by 9-3/4" high, so they will make really great hefty artists sketchbooks!

I've come across a lot of old games - boards & pieces which I'm excited to change into something new. Vintage scrabble tile fridge magnets & vintage matchbook magnetic bookmarks & notepads are just two of the things I'm working on. I'm also on the hunt for old letters/poetry books & comics that are  in need of rescuing and up-cycling & will soon hopefully find the time to start using my Holga (which unfortunately has been sat in its box for quite a few months now..)  

I also want to begin my own new art project, separate from The Paper Garden but using some of the same skills. I will be taking inspiration from a project I did in my second year of university which focused around messages, kind words & encouraging things. I will create something everyday. Something small, handmade. Something you can hold in your hands.  A box, an envelope - a letter. I'll talk more about it when I know what I want the project to really be.

Byeeee xoxo