Thursday, 7 July 2011

New things!

Well lots and lots of things have been happening lately - not had much time for blogging! I've been moving house and starting a new job so it's all been quite hectic. I love my new studio space in the new place - such a bright room to work in - I just need to make it my own now. (I'll send pics when it's all up and running!)

I've been having a little bit of success with my Etsy and Folksy shops waheyyy! Since I started selling properly I've had so much more inspiration for new things - I can't wait to try all my ideas out!
I've been contacting stores in Bristol and the surrounding areas about selling my books in their shops. One in particular caught my eye MONTHS ago but I was too nervous to contact them. But finally I did and I'm off next week with a sample range of my books and stationery. It's all very exciting. :)
Will update on how it goes...

I've managed to collect some new (vintage) BINGO cards! These are my favourite so far. The colour is fantastic and they seem to be quite popular :

 You can buy this bingo book here :

Anywho - it's a rainy rainy day in Bristol so me and the cat are busy making books. Ahhh! Have a lovely Thursday! 


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