Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Wellllll! I've spent most of today applying to be a trader at some of the summer festivals. Sidmouth Folk Week & Secret Garden Party. I have a feeling I left it a little late to be doing it this year as the deadlines are very close but oh well, it gives me good practice for next year when I'll applying to sell all over the place! It's all very exciting. And my business cards have arrived (i'll post some pictures of them when I get the chance as they are dead good!) and I have near enough everything I need to send stuff out in the post. It's just a case now of making making making before my first market stall. Eeeeek.

I am planning a trip away somewhere - anywhere - so that I can finally have an excuse to get my holga out. I'm interested in making prints from my pictures and using them to create a new line of books. I'm not sure how well it will work out but I'll give it a go! I work best when I have a theme to work from so I need to go somewhere, where my theme will fit in. I'm thinking something around - signage/old/left behind/decaying. I'll have a think about it...

I'm really up for collaborating with different artists and using prints (or originals) of their paintings/drawings/sketches. So if there's anyone out there who is up for it please do get in touch. 

Bit of a rant, apologies.

Taaa xo

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Brighton! Ahh, a vintage mecca! So many amazing vintage shops, thrift shops & flea markets I was spoilt for choice. There was so much that I wanted that I ended up picking up only one thing. - A collection of vintage BEANO comics. They are in amazing vintage condition & they have really inspired me.

They are small books, measuring 4" square! But with 60 pages of thick artist drawing paper they feel and look quite chunky. Hopefully be in my Etsy shop soon! :)

I've also managed to find the time to take loads of pictures of some of the things I have been making. Now that I've got that out the way I can finally start listing my stuff. I've got business cards (mini cards off that should arrive in the next day or so, so now I need to fill my market application form out and send it off. I've been looking into different craft markets/fairs around the South West and there are a lot coming up. My aim is to have much more free time (....!!!) by the summer and do as many craft markets as possible...