Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hello :)

So i spent the whole day yesterday sifting through a vintage world atlas that my mum found for me. There are some amazing things in it and I couldn't help but recycle the pages into something new and use-able!

The first two pictures feature the recycled map 'star book' - perfect to use as a travel journal/notebook/sketchbook. The inside paper has been folded using traditional origami methods :) Two online at the moment - Switzerland & South East Asia. The bottom picture shows small pocket notebooks with maps as the covers - bound with hemp string. Available in sets of 4! You can find them in my Etsy shop :)

My mind is going mental with new things to make so I'm off to go and craft it up!
What is everyone crafting today?


Monday, 23 May 2011


So i came across some pictures from a project I did at University. The project involved myself, a crochet hook, a LOAD of wool. i transformed a part of my town at the time (Totnes) that was usually rather bleak and sad into a space full of colour and happiness!

Take a look...

Finding these pictures has given me so much inspiration and new ideas for my work. It's strange what can set you imagination going...
I've just started reading The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and what an amazing book! Just holding it feels inspirational. It really has got the creativity in me flowing. I'm moving forwards but looking back at what things I have done or have forgotten about...

Anyways. I hope you're all having a lovely crafty Monday :)


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Markets & Making!

Hey hello!

Well I've had a busy few weeks. Quit one job and then got another within the company I work for! I'm very excited to start! The new role means that I no longer will have to work weekends which means more markets for me!

I did my first market stall a couple of weeks ago. It went ok, I made my money back and a bit more. But the market was really quiet and it was charged on the door which I think put people off buying much - a few other stall holders felt the same. Buttt! An experience all the same. I am not disheartened - I am eager to try some different markets out!


Vintage BEANO comic book - large sketchbook!

Off to have a crafty afternoon! :)


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bookbinding and sunshine !!


I've said it before, i'll say it again... I'll try and blog more. I've actually got some exciting news... I'm currently working my notice at one of the jobs I have.. Although I'll still be working two days a week as a receptionist - i'll have 5 whole days to make and think and plan! A small step in the direction of becoming a freelance artist! 

I've been busy busy making things for a market I've got a stall at on the 7th May. It's at The Southbank Centre in Bristol and is being hosted by Bristol's Magpie Markets. View the facebook event page here.

 These are just some of the things I've been working on - stationery set. Includes 1 coptic bound journal/sketchbook, 1 soft pocket notebook, 2 mini handmade envelopes and 1 Japanese star book!

I also have been building up my collection of vintage game pieces - the sketchbooks below are made from vintage  PO-KENO cards and vintage flash cards.

 I've mainly been making things for the market on Saturday so I haven't done much of designing anything new - just making and making using materials I've got. Before I got quite busy with the market I made a couple of dvd/cd folios. The style I've done them in and the materials I've used make them very much for a wedding or ceremony of some sort. I'm thinking that the whole wedding scene will be quite a good thing to get into. It would also mean a lot of custom making which I love. 

I'll post some pictures of the wedding line i'm creating soon... :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!