Thursday, 2 August 2012


I've been planning to collaborate with other artists for a while now. Over the next few months I will be working with two North West based artists taking their artwork and creating notebooks, sketchbooks and albums from them. We will be selecting a number of prints to use and I will encorporate them into the front covers of my handmade books.


Marc Bingham - Creator of 'Twisted Pixels Illustration.' He is an illustrator and graphic designer. He is interested in sci-fi ideologies and incoporates this into his artwork and currently sells prints and clothing online. He will be creating some bespoke work for this project which is very exciting!
You can check him out in these hiding spots:

Stuart Taylor - Stuart is a 3d charactor animator who has recently graduated from Stoke University. One of his latest projects was designing a music video for musician Heg Doughty
for her song 'Red' ; a song based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Stuart has designed a set of prints taken from the animation of this song which we will be using to create the sketchbooks.
You can check him out in these hiding spots:

I'm very excited about working with these two amazing artists. The work that will be created will be very different from the things that I make at the moment, which I believe to be a great thing. It's always a good idea to try new things, experiment and expand work creatively.
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Hello you lovelies!

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