Thursday, 21 February 2013


I have been just awful on the blog front this year! But I have been busy busy busy making lots of different things : here is one of them :)

I found something on pinterest that I kept on looking at over and over again, thinking about how much I loved it and if I would be able to make one myself. It was a coffee table/bookcase-shelf type thing made from an old electrical cable spool.
After searching and searching for a cable spool that was free (I didn't want to buy one from an electrical company) after about 2 weeks I came across one next to a skip outside the Artrageous Scapstore in St Werburghs. Hurray! :)

It was covered in a lot of dirt so I spent a couple of hours making it sparkly clean and sanding it down...

What it looked like : when i got it home // after it had been sanded // after parts of the wood were treated

And then this is what it looked like when everything was finished. I ran out of dowel so the back of it is missing two little bits until I can get to the hardware shop. I think if I made another one, i would use thicker pieces of dowel for the sections,but this will do and I like it! And Samson seems to like his new chair :)