Monday, 14 May 2012

Handmade Wedding - Bespoke stationery

For the past few months I have been planning a wedding stationery line to run beside my other journals and sketchbooks. All will be completely handmade, bespoke and of course materials will be as recycled as much as possible! I've set up thepapergardenweddings Etsy shop as I think it's a good idea to keep each line seperate and soon there will be plenty of things to purchase in there.
 Although it's been in my mind for while, I think this range has taken back seat, but since setting a date for my own wedding I've gotten giddy and started making things I want for our day!

I spent the past few day making these little decorations on mass! They are Japanese star books made from handmade papers and pages from an old vintage novel. I think they'd look great hung from the ceiling at all different heights! :) I listed them in my Etsy shop today as I didn't want to wait for the wedding shop to be open for these lovelies! 

I've put them up in sets of 5 at the moment but they are available made to order in larger quantities. Have a look here.



  1. New follower here ^_^ . Those little star books are so cool. Going to check out your shops. I love paper stuffs.

  2. Wedding items are so much fun! I like that you used book paper for a different twist.

  3. Great idea - and you save a lot of cost making things for your own wedding. My daughter did it - with great results, and I wish you well. Good to see you don't live too far from us - we're in Heytesbury, Warminster, Wilts!

    Dropping in from the Etsy Blogs site - and invite you to follow us at, where I post about the toys I make, mend and create and then try to sell at Will follow you in return. All the best - and hope the weather improves and stays fine for your Big Day!

  4. Hi, good luck with the wedding stationary, and the wedding plans. I've had the same line of thought, as am planning my own wedding too and have wanted to branch into wedding stationary to go with my cards.

    You're star books look great!

    All the best
    Amanda x

  5. Hello!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments. It is indeed all very exciting! I'm off to have a browse of your blogs, sites and shops!

    Happy lazy Sunday :)

    Steph xo