Tuesday, 12 March 2013

DIY Wedding Decorations!

I'm not someone who talks excessively about getting married but this is mainly craft and paper based so I thought I'd blog about it...
So we've been busy making decorations for our wedding in September. Lots of different things and things that I have replicated so that I can spread the love by putting them in my Etsy wedding shop. (I know the shop is looking quite lonely at the moment - I'm working on it!)

So, working with a teeny tiny budget means a lot of DIY which is amazing and actually one of the most fun bits to planning a wedding!
As we are getting married on a beautiful eco farm in Devon, used and recycled materials are perfect for us and perfect for our budget too :)

Pinterest is an amazing place to find inspiration for these type of things

Some of the things we've been making :


 The jars are recycled anything jars! Wrapped in pretty off-white lace and twine tied in a bow! Not going to be able to put this type of thing in my Etsy shop but thought I'd pop the pictures on here. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on bouquets that will be used for a couple of hours - handmade flowers made from hessian, quality,but upcycled, cream material and upcycled lace put together with a few green ferns from the woods at the farm and we have handmade bouquets that can be kept forever!  (I will post a picture when they are all finished)
I will bulk making these using several different materials and colours (the organic eco colour theme is my favourite though!) and putting them online. Ready made and seperate in a sort of 'make your own bouquet' kind of way.

I got some small veg crates from my local greengrocers, treated the wood and varnished it (can see the colour in the first picture). Stack them around a wedding venue, great cases for wedding favour displays - loads of things they could be used for and they look lovely. I have also been making cute litte star garlands. Made from quality ivory hammer white paper and using origami techniques to create a 3D star. Have made them in several different lengths so they could be used in a variety of different ways.


 And finally! I've been experiementing with making paper flowers - quite tricky to start with but after a bit of trial and error they got there, they just take a bit of time to make. I've also made a few in different colours - red, yellow, green and blue. I've also strung some together to make a chain/garland. I think if they are long enough they will be really stunning.




  1. Awesome, I am doing the decorations for my sisters wedding this year too. I've found some great ideas and now I have a few more :P
    Good work, and lots of love
    Luna x

  2. Great post! DIY wedding ideas are the best...saving money and knowing your ideas are unique! Thanks :)

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